Features Sneak Peek: July 18, 2020 Issue

Welcome to our July 18 issue sneak peek!

First up this week, Neil McAllister has been exploring Norwich.

This historic city in Norfolk is filled with so many things to see and do, Neil even considered relocating to Norwich on the spot!

Neil explored the surrounding countryside and beaches before checking out the local arts scene. Norwich is not short of culture, with several museums and churches to visit.

Read our cover feature in this week’s issue and decide if you could relocate to Norwich!

Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities offers unique opportunities to the homeless. Photograph courtesy of Invisible Cities.

Dawn Geddes discovered an innovative social enterprise which trains homeless people to become tour guides in their home cities.

The initiative both gives invaluable life skills to those faced with homelessness, and provides a different perspective of the city to those taking the tours.

Read more in this week’s issue.

Dogs with Jobs


What a good boy! Photograph courtesy of Suzy Cole.

Next up in this week’s issue is part two in our Dogs with Jobs series. And it’s just getting better!

This week we met Boris, the pet model, and he really is gorgeous. Read all about the glamorous life of a pet model!

In Good Taste


Can we trust “the smell test”? Shutterstock.

Our Cookery ed. Marion has created a handy guide on food safety. Is it safe to eat if it’s past the best before date? If it smells okay can you eat it?

Get answers to all your questions in this week’s issue!

Start Your Day Right


Sunny side up! www.eggrecipes.co.uk

In this week’s cookery, we have a selection of tasty breakfast recipes. Our favourite is this Pesto and Parma Baked Eggs dish.

We also have Overnight Oats, SPAM Breakfast Hash, and more.

Elsewhere in this week’s issue, join in our latest Talking Point, read up on our hints and tips to cut back on plastic, and much more.

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Mairi Hughes