Here’s Hoping For A Return To The Cinema

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The reintroduction of lockdown restrictions can’t have been good news for our local cinema.

They’ve only recently reopened since the last restrictions lifted a little, although of course they aren’t welcoming nearly as many customers as before.

This is partially down to the range of infection control measures in place, which limit the number of people allowed in each showing (although there are more showings).

But it’s also due to reduced demand. People just aren’t ready to head out quite yet.

Well, except us.

Event cinema

After four months, we’re finally a little sick of endlessly binge-watching old television series on Netflix.

So Mrs Digital Ed and I decided to seize a brief chance at normality and go along to see Christopher Nolan’s latest epic, “Tenet”.

And it was well worth it.

That’s because Nolan is one of a new generation of filmmakers rebelling a little against the big streaming services. He makes films specifically to be seen in the cinema. 

They’re a spectacle, rather than simply a way to pass the time. Everything about them screams scope and scale, like the old movies by John Ford or David Lean.

“Tenet” is no different. If you get the chance to see it at your local cinema, do just that.

You’ll be supporting a local business, and seeing a film, but also taking part in an event.

What more could you ask for?

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Iain McDonald

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