“Keep To The Climb” by R.P. Buckeridge

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This poem was first published in “The People’s Friend” on March 19, 1917.

World War I was still raging in Europe, and every reader would have been touched by it in some way.

The poet, R.P. Buckeridge, clearly felt the need to provide a little encouragement and reassurance in dark days.

They weren’t to know it, but soon the war would be over.

And as we near a time when the coronavirus pandemic will also hopefully come to end, it seems like the perfect time to share this gem with you.

Keep To The Climb

Whatever you do in these trying days,

Be it fighting or working or learning the


Of patience, believe that in God’s good time

We shall conquer the hill — if you keep to the



If you keep to the climb with your muscles taut,

You are helping to earn what our blood has


You are striking a blow to avenge a crime,

You are true to your land — if you keep to the



If you work in the harvest or feed the guns,

And stick at it well, like your fighting sons,

You are cleansing your soul with your body’s


You are doing your bit — if you keep to the



It’s an uphill road. It’s a dreary way,

But there’s something to work for that’s more

than pay:

You are saving lives; you are saving time;

You are bringing men home — if you keep to the


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