Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2021

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To mark Random Acts Of Kindness Day, we’re revisiting this article by our Lisa, who learned all about the power of a kindly act back in 2019.

SMILE and the world smiles with you, as they say.

A cheery grin is nice, but it’s more than just a facial expression – it really can make the recipient feel valued.

“Compassion could even save someone’s life,” Brooke Jones says.

Brooke is Vice President of charitable organisation randomactsofkindness.org, so she knows better than most the value of goodwill.

“I have been working at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for eight years.

“A typical day involves a lot of meetings with my team and outside partners, as well as creating new, interesting content to
offer all over the world for free!

“We’re constantly busy, coming up with ways to get the word out about how important kindness is, and how easy it is to change someone’s day with a small act.”

One particular story of compassion really struck a chord with Brooke.

A woman told her she had been feeling there was nothing left to live for. She was heading home to take her own life.

“While she was walking, a young woman told her she had a tear in her pants and offered her the sweater she was wearing to tie around her waist to cover the tear.

“The depressed woman accepted it and walked home, crying.

“Someone had noticed her and made her think life was worth living.

“That small act of kindness saved her life,” Brooke says.

They understand the power of kindness

The woman has since become a so-called RAKtivist through Brooke’s foundation, keen to pass kindness forward.

“RAKtivists can be defined simply,” Brooke explains.

“They are change-makers, creating the world they want to see. They understand the power of kindness.

“The RAKtivist group has grown to almost thirty thousand people worldwide, aged from eight to ninety-six.

“They inspire and empower each other to make the world better.

“By joining us you’ll get an invitation to our private Facebook group, where you can meet thousands of others working hard to change the world.

“If you want unofficially to be a random acts of kindness activist, look for opportunities around you to be kind,” Brooke says. “They are everywhere!

“Open the door for someone. Let someone merge into traffic. Smile at a stranger.

“It isn’t always easy to keep a smile going during dark and difficult times,” Brooke admits.

“We feel that glimmer of hope when a good news story shows on TV. We are hungry for positivity.

“So, I reiterate, spread kindness whenever you can,” she urges.

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