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Have you listened to our podcast, in association with the Oddfellows?

Digital Ed, Iain, asked if I’d like to take part in another podcast recording recently, so I took a trip to the office to pick up a microphone.

It’s difficult to believe that the entire “Friend” team have now been working from home for twenty months — nearly two years.

All quiet on the first floor

It was lovely seeing friendly faces again on our Reception Desk, but the most striking thing that you notice when you go back into the building is . . . how quiet it is.

Previously, we shared a mezzanine level with our sister magazine “My Weekly”, and with “The Scots Magazine”. So it was a busy, bustling environment. And on the main floor, the Children’s Magazines, “Platinum” and many other teams shared a large, open-plan space.

On the day I visited, there were four people on the first floor, so it’s a huge difference.

Attending to the mail

The first thing I did was sort through the mail.

There were a number of postal submissions waiting for the attention of the Fiction Team. As we no longer accept submissions by post, these are now being returned to you with details of how to submit through our new system.

We’ll respond to any general non-fiction enquiries as soon as we can.

We’ve missed being in touch

Something else which struck me when I was in, was how nice it was to see your letters again.

We’ve missed being able to stay in touch with our readers who are not online.

There’s such a bond, and a warmth between the “Friend” and its readers.

A nice surprise

To round off, there was a lovely surprise waiting for me, in the mail — a Christmas card, from a contributor who has become a friend. Sent early, on the off-chance I’d pick it up if I popped in for any reason.

A timely reminder that although we’re living through turbulent times, Christmas, and the different things it means to many of us, remains a season of hope and goodwill.

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