Writing Prompt Story Starter: The Roaring Twenties

the roaring twenties

This image jumped right out at me – “the roaring twenties” was such a visually stunning, fascinating time.

This stirs up lots of potential story ideas and genres.

Three’s a crowd

Well, sometimes it is.

Do you think these three ladies are close friends? Are two closer and the third simply troublesome?

Dynamics in friendships can be a great backbone for a story, because straight away there’s a suggestion of history and drama.

They could also have an unbreakable bond due a secret they share. Are they privileged? Do they all come from the same background?

Charlie’s Angels

A crime-fighting trio, perhaps?

Just like the contemporary investigators, these ladies in our image could be sleuths.

Would they find it trickier back then to pursue such a career? More than likely!

There’s a cosy crime story just waiting to be written.

Fancy dress

Maybe your story could be bang up to date and in fact, the women in the image are at a themed party? Your story could be fun, or serious. Romantic or general.

The silver screen

This could be a scene from a film or TV drama?

Attention to detail would be hugely important to make the story believable.

That’s a great way to add flesh to the bones of your story.

It’s important to give the reader a sense of time and place and historical stories offer up great opportunities to weave events and customs into your writing.

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