Our Story Podcast: “A Modern Knight Errant”

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Our Story Podcast for this week is a rip-roaring adventure tale, as read by Fiction Ed. Lucy.

In this episode of “Reading Between The Lines”, Iain is joined by “Friend” Features Editor Alex, Fiction Team’s Abbie, and Barry from the DC Thomson Archives to chat over “A Modern Knight Errant: The Tale Of A Rescue”, by James Donald, which was first published in February 1910. Is the age of chivalry over? Ralph Denton thinks so, until he receives an unexpected piece of aerial correspondence…

Our story podcast is followed by a panel discussion, covering some interesting points, including:

  • Why do women never include dates on their correspondence?
  • How many balloons did the captive actually send out?
  • Is there a deliberate distinction between working class and middle class voices?
  • Did Ralph essentially just kidnap her all over again?

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