Writing Prompt Story Starter: Decorating

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Spring isn’t far off, and with it, the thought of spring cleaning.

And maybe even doing some decorating!

Might it help start a story for you, this week?

Spring Cleaning

Having a good clear out.

Maybe heading to the charity shop.

Bin bags or boxes marked, save, chuck, donate.

Colour Charts

Colour charts. Tester pots.

Swatches of fabric. Samples of wallpaper.

First-Time Buyers

Renting or buying a house, in need of decoration.

First-time buyers, freshening up a flat.

Getting everyone on board to help!

Decorating one room at a time.

Decorating Disasters

Little ones, ‘decorating’ the wall with crayon!

Putting wallpaper up. Or trying to!

Or finding something, whilst decorating – under the wallpaper?


Maybe your character’s new home could be described as a ‘fixer-upper’?

Or maybe they’re getting round to DIY that’s been on a to-do list for ages?

Or had a DIY disaster?

Painters And Decorators

Ladders, overalls, the smell of turps.

Estimates, and painters’ vans.

Cover sheets. Letting everything dry.

Before and after photos. A fresh start.


What about other types of painters?

Sign writers, perhaps, for businesses?

Students at art college.

Illustrators – for books or magazines?

What’s their story? Who can help them tell it?

Other Decorations

As well as home decor – other types of decoration.



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