6 Easy Eco Swaps For Your Bathroom

Shutterstock / Olesia Bech © Easy eco swaps for the bathroom, bamboo products in a fabric bag

It can be daunting and confusing to try to reduce your carbon footprint, but there are small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact. Free Soul have put together some easy eco swaps for your bathroom to make a difference.

Bamboo toothbrushes

This eliminates plastic waste from plastic toothbrushes, a major cause of pollution. Plus, bamboo toothbrushes offer the same level of cleanliness for your teeth! Take it even further by swapping plastic dental floss for an eco friendly alternative.

Soap bars

You can get soap, shampoo and conditioner in bar form rather than in bottles. Again, this reduces plastic waste. You can store them in reusable mesh bags. If you prefer liquid, you could try using reusable glass bottles instead of plastic.

Shower timer

Set a timer while showering to limit water use. The average household spends 25% of its energy bill on heating water. So not only will you be helping the environment, but saving money too!

Steel safety razor

Another easy eco swap is to opt for a reusable steel razor instead of plastic disposable ones, so only the blade needs replaced. This reduces the amount of plastic once again in your bathroom.

Makeup removing cloth

Disposable face wipes are single use plastics that are impacting the environment by being stuck in landfill. Instead, use a reusable cloth which is soft and even better for those with sensitive skin.

Biodegradable cotton buds

Another step towards a plastic-free bathroom is to remove cotton buds that have plastic in the middle and don’t use sustainable cotton. These are one-use products that have harmful consequences on marine life. Instead, try ones with paper or bamboo in the middle which are biodegradable.

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