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Book Reviews May 25, 2019

Book Review: Solaris

Stanislaw Lem’s psychological science fiction novel “Solaris” was first published in Warsaw in 1961, and has inspired two films to date, including Steven Soderbergh’s 2002 adaptation, which cast George Clooney […]

Book Reviews April 12, 2018

Book Review: Dear Mrs Bird

Don’t judge a book by its cover says our Fiction Editor, Shirley, in this week’s book review! Win yourself a copy of the book by clicking the link at the […]

Book Reviews January 2, 2018

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

The Victorian saga is a timeless genre – if that’s not a bit of a contradiction! – and writers like Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin have made it their own. […]

Book Reviews December 4, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

It’s funny how themes can crop up in clumps. We’ll receive a whole clutch of short stories on one theme, like men’s sheds, or lost dogs, or single mums, or […]

Fiction Ed's Blog October 24, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

What’s a mother’s worst nightmare? Of course it’s that something bad happens to her child. And that’s Vivien Brown’s starting point in Lily Alone. Ruby regains consciousness surrounded by strangers. […]

Book Reviews October 3, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

I know I quite often say I loved this book or that, but I really, really loved Calling Major Tom by David M. Barnett. It’s fresh and funny and poignant, […]

Book Reviews September 6, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

“Our Summer Together” by Fanny Blake opens with Caro remembering Damir, the summer they’ve just had, the effect he had on her, and the fact that he’s left, without explanation. […]

Book Reviews August 22, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

A travel writer checks in to an idyllic hotel on an Italian island – but Kit Costa isn’t there only to write a feature. She was brought up by her […]

Book Reviews July 11, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

It sounds idyllic….Leah’s been invited to join her sister on summer holiday in a gite in France. Except that Michele’s just left her husband – quite unexpectedly, not least for […]

Book Reviews June 17, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

A man stands at the edge of a train platform. The train approaches. The last thing he knows is the blow to his back that sends him falling… Follow that […]

Book Reviews May 10, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

“The Buttonmaker’s Daughter” by Merryn Allingham is a traditional period family saga, set in May 1914, with the deepening tensions in Europe reaching as far as the quiet Sussex countryside. […]

Book Reviews April 19, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

I love the richness of the writing in a Katherine Webb novel – fluid descriptions, meticulously etched characters, and it takes its time rather than rushing the reader along. Her […]

Fiction Ed's Blog April 3, 2017

Fiction Ed’s Book Review

You’ll have noticed that in our Specials we include a short story written exclusively for “The People’s Friend” by a big name author. In the latest Special, no. 138, on sale right […]

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