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Cookery May 23, 2018

Cake Gallery

Scroll our delicious cake gallery to see what sweet treats our team have been busy making

Team Blog August 7, 2017

Fastest Cake In The West . . . Scone!

As you might expect, here at the “Friend” we love words – and conversation can become lively pretty quickly when there’s a disagreement over how to use them. When we […]

Team Blog July 3, 2017

Cake Time

As many of you already know, we are very fond of tea and cake in the “Friend” office so our annual Strawberry Tea where we raise money for Breast Cancer […]

Team Blog January 27, 2015

Cake, Glorious Cake!

This is going to be a very, very long week for everyone in the "Friend" office, but we'll be very happy bunnies once it's over!

Fiction Ed's Blog December 1, 2014

Cake Challenge!

We're taking up our Facebook friends' offer to sponsor us to abstain from cake for a month, with all proceeds going to our chosen charity...


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