The End Of The Rainbow – Episode 49

There was no-one at home. After a moment spent admiring the pretty cottage, Kirsty found that the door was off the latch. She had explored the house, smiling at the signs of occupation, and was seated on the bench outside the door when she finally caught sight of her parents.They were walking across the grass between the trees, deep in conversation and unaware of anyone else save each other. Kirsty watched them, almost disbelieving. She had never seen her mother and father like this. As she watched, Thomas stopped and smoothed tendrils of hair back from his wife’s face. Mirren laughed up at him.For the first time ever, Kirsty felt like an intruder, but her parents’ clear delight at spotting their daughter caught her up in their happiness.She waited long enough to have some tea with them and to have a tour of the little house.“Ye could stay, Kirsty,” her mother suggested. “There’s plenty o’ room, and I’m sure that Josh would make it all right wi’ Miss Constance and Mrs Dinnimont.”“Aye. We’ve only two days left, then we’re back tae auld claes an’ purridge.” Thomas sounded regretful.Kirsty shook her head.“I’ll need tae get back to Glasgow the night. But I want a wee walk on the shore first. When Josh comes fae the big hoose, tell him I’ll meet him there.”Kirsty took her leave with a happy heart. Mither and Faither had changed. They were best left in each other’s company.Josh spotted her as he came down the grassy bank on to the shore. She was sitting on a rock, barefoot, her pale yellow dress billowing round her like a pool of sunshine. The artist in Josh wished that he could capture this Kirsty, small, almost fragile, thoughtful.He stood for a few moments, studying her. When a scatter of stones betrayed his presence, Kirsty jumped up so suddenly that she almost fell over. He caught her, steadying her, and she blushed scarlet.“I didnae see ye, Josh.”At that moment, as she looked up at him, it suddenly felt right that she was in his arms. He had wanted to hold her close for such a long time, and yet had been almost afraid to show her what he felt. Now, as she looked up at him, her eyes shining, he saw what he needed to see.And so Josh Glenavon kissed little Kirsty Gray for the first time. For long moments, the only sound was the whisper of the water on the shore.Kirsty gave a little sigh of contentment, resting her head on his chest.“I can feel yer heart, Josh. It’s beatin’ so fast!”Laughing, he held her away from him and studied her face. Her eyes were sparkling, her face alight with happiness.“I’m only sorry I waited so long. Forgive me, Kirsty. I wasn’t sure.”She slanted a mischievous glance at him.“Are ye sure now?”He kissed her soundly again.“Does that answer your question?”They took a long time to walk back to the big house. Once, a shadow of doubt seemed to fall on her radiant face.“But, Josh, what will folk say? I’m in service. I’m only . . .”He gathered her into his arms.“You’re only my comfort, my joy and my pride. And you’ll be that for ever, Kirsty Gray, because I’ll never let you go.”His face was serious, his voice deep with emotion. Kirsty cried with sheer happiness.Later, she could scarcely remember her fleeting visit to the big house. Such things were of no importance to her. Being driven back to Glasgow in the gloaming, the young couple sat close together, hand in hand, saying little. For them, being together was enough.


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