The Factory Girls – Episode 28

Dana dared to run her hand up and down his back. She felt him squeeze her closer as if they’d been together for ages. She wanted to kiss him again, but . . . Then she realised with a thrill that there was no “but”, and she found the courage to reach up and touch his face, tugging it down towards hers. Then they were kissing again and it felt every bit as fantastic as the first time.“Turns out I quite like walking,” she commented.“Good.” He smiled and turned her round. “Look where we go next.”Dana stared. The cairn, it turned out, was not the summit but rather a halfway mark. The hill curved on up for what seemed like for ever.“There had better be a pub up there,” she said. Jonathan bent down and kissed her again, a short, soft kiss that stirred strange, half-welcome memories of her parents.“No pub,” he said, taking her hand. “But don’t worry, I’ve got supplies.”And he did, not just a couple of cobs but a full picnic with French stick and cheese and fancy olives and even a bottle of bubbly.“You were carrying all that?” Dana said, amazed when they finally reached the top and he started laying it all out.“And I still beat you!” he teased. “Your seat, my lady.” He patted a space on the rug and she sank down next to him.“What would the girls say if they saw me now?” She laughed as Jonathan popped the champagne cork, sending it flying out across the sky.“I expect they’d ask what you were doing with that geeky graduate.”Dana leaned over and kissed him fiercely.“They wouldn’t dare.”“I know!”Her heart sank. “Sorry. I can be a bit scary.”“A bit? Now, a toast. To us?”Dana looked up into his soft eyes, searching for reservations, but seeing only a question.“To us,” she agreed firmly.Jonathan was right, the girls would think it was odd and if she was actually dating him it would be the gossip of the town. But so what? She felt better than she’d done in years; better, as far as she could remember, than at any time since her parents had died. So what was a little bit of ribbing compared to that?Two hours later, as they drove back through Deveroe, Dana wasn’t feeling quite so defiant. She was convinced everyone was staring and had to force herself not to sink down beneath the dashboard.“Which way?” Jonathan asked.“Oh, drop me anywhere here.”“No, it’s OK. I’ll take you home. Ah . . .” He was looking at the road but still she saw his face fall. “You don’t want them to see me.”“It’s not that.” They pulled up at the lights and he stared at her. “It’s more you seeing them.”“You think I’m judgemental?”“No.”“You’re ashamed?”“No!”“Well, then.”Put like that it was hard to object.


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