The Ferryboat – Episode 39

“That’s wonderful,” she said. “Isn’t it, Tom?”

Her dear Tom rose to the occasion.

“I think I could get used to the idea,” he said. “Give Philip the chance to up his game and beat me on the golf course.”

Philip began to guffaw but stopped himself in case he wakened Fiona.

Judy exchanged raised eyebrows with Verity.

“Boys will be boys,” she said, as she pushed herself up from the chair. “I’ll make some tea, shall I?”

Grinning at Tom, she went through to the kitchen where Holly was sitting at the table leaning tiredly against Corin, having a quiet moment before taking their babies home to Brook Cottage.

“Philip and Verity have just told us they’re planning to buy the ferryman’s house,” Judy said.

“How do you feel about that?” Corin had a twinkle in his eye.

“It’s great news,” Judy said firmly, and she meant it. Because, whatever their differences, she and Tom and Philip and Verity were bound together through Holly and Corin, and even more now through Kathleen and Fiona, and family was what mattered most.

Each of them had come a long way in the past year, in all sorts of ways.

As she pulled down the blinds she saw the sliver of new moon illuminating the hotel sign: The Ferryboat.


The End.


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