The Mystery Of Macgregor’s Cove – Episode 25

Cast of characters dressed in 18th Century clothing stand in front of white cottage

“That afternoon when I rode out to Macgregor’s Cove,” Kit recalled while he and Sandy were stacking kindling in the barn yard, “I half-expected to find you still living at the boatyard.” 

He looked forward to these rare occasions when they spent time alone together, and liked helping Sandy around the inn. 

“Iain and I were born and bred in the boatyard cottage,” Sandy replied, hefting another log on to the pile. “If things had been different, that’s where I would have taken you and Marietta until we could set up a home of our own.” 

Kit paused for a moment. 

“You didn’t want to follow your forefathers into boatbuilding?” he asked. 

“Iain had the will and the skill. I had nowt of either,” Sandy answered with a shrug. “I never wanted to build boats, I wanted to sail them! I badgered our poor dad until he caved in and let me go to sea.” 

“I determined to stay in England and become an engineer.” Kit laughed. “I did exactly the same with my father –” He broke off. 

“Nay, lad. It would be daft you and me watching our words,” Sandy put in. “Mr Chesterton was your pa, and his wife your ma – for they’re the folk who cared for you. 

“Since you told me who you are, there’s not a day gone by when I haven’t thanked them for what they did. 

“I can’t stop thinking about Marietta,” he confided, adding in a low voice, “What if she is still living, Kit? Where’s she been all these years? I just wish I knew.” 

“I hadn’t intended mentioning this, lest nothing comes of it,” Kit ventured. “I’ve written to Tabby – Tabitha Warburton. She was with Mama fifty-odd years, since they were both girls. Tabby’s more than a servant; she’s part of the family. 

“Tabby helped raise Geoff and me. If anybody can shed light upon how I was taken in by the Chestertons, it will be her.” 

*  *  *  * 

The opal brooch edged with pearls was small, yet it weighed very heavily in Penelope’s purse as she scurried through the sleety rain into St Agnes. 

Although she didn’t have any money of her own, Penelope was determined to continue her family’s custom of giving Christmas boxes to the pottery folk – and she hoped her brooch would provide the means. 

It was the only object of value Penelope possessed, but she cherished it for a greater reason. The brooch had been a present from Mother and Father upon her coming of age, and Penelope was heart-sore at the thought of parting with it. 

Manoeuvring between the traffic of over-laden wagons, barrows, drays, carriages and riders coursing along the high street, Penelope was unaware of Kit watering his horse at the trough over by the market cross. 

Amidst the voices, the rumble and clatter of wheels, and the ringing of hooves and boots upon cobbles, she didn’t hear Kit hailing her as she hurried towards the premises of Lionel Garber, seller of second-hand jewellery. 

Abigail Phillips

Abbie is the newest member of the fiction team at the "Friend." She loves how varied the role is - every day is different and there is always a new story to read. She is keen to work closely with established writers and discover new writers, too.