Back On The Bike

Every year I tell myself I must try to get out and do more on my bike. And, each year passes without it having gone very far. Today, when I was at Crieff, visiting the Hydro, I took the notion to take one of their hire bikes and cycle round that wee hill known as “The Knock”.

It’s not that far – just around four miles but, on rough tracks and estate roads, it makes a nice traffic-free, leisurely run. If you feel fit you can even follow a short detour to the summit.

The summit of The Knock is less than 800 feet high although I must admit to getting off once or twice and pushing it on the climb. Don’t think anyone noticed! It’s worth the effort, though, with some cracking views over Strathearn to be had along the way.

Away to the north, above Glen Turret, rises the higher hills that mark the very edge of the Highlands. As the inscription on the Knock’s viewpoint indicator reads – “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help”.

No need for help on the way back, though – it’s all downhill!


Willie Shand