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I know that, for many readers, the “Friend” is a lifeline — a part of their weekly routine that brings them entertainment, comfort and companionship.

I’m determined it will continue to be so.

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Now more than ever, we all need the optimistic, feel-good reading that the “Friend” has long been famous for. If you’re having trouble getting out to the shops, a subscription will make sure you never miss an issue of your favourite magazine.

“The People’s Friend” is the magazine of choice for anyone who loves feel-good quality fiction. Every issue contains seven short stories and two exclusive serial instalments, as well as recipes, knitting patterns, craft, gardening advice, health, travel and so much more.

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Have you ever thought about subscribing to the “Friend”? Why not try a subscription today with this incredible offer – your first 13 issues for only £7! Imagine the luxury of having your “Friend” delivered straight to your door. When you subscribe your magazine will drop through your letter box every week before it’s available in the shops, meaning you’ll never again risk missing that crucial final instalment of a favourite serial.

  • Makes the perfect gift for the “Friend” reader in your life.
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Digital Editions

Enjoy instant access to the latest issue on your PC, tablet or mobile device.

A People’s Friend digital subscription lets you read each issue of “The People’s Friend” Magazine on your desktop, Apple or Android device.

Subscribing couldn’t be easier, Simply click the link below, choose your subscription term and enter your details.  You can then enjoy instant access to the latest editions of “The People’s Friend” or “The People’s Friend” Special.

What you can expect…

  • The People’s Friend – Every issue contains seven short stories and two exclusive serial instalments, as well as recipes, knitting patterns, gardening advice, health, travel and so much more.
  • The People’s Friend Specials – “The People’s Friend” Special is the perfect companion to the weekly magazine, with 14 short stories, puzzles, cookery, craft and travel in every three-weekly issue.
  • The People’s Friend Pocket Novels – Every Pocket Novel contains one novel-length story packed with romance and drama. There are two new titles every month, published in a handy, lightweight pocket-sized format.
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