“The People’s Friend” Reader Panel

Woman reading book. Used for reader panel and daily serial posts.

Here at “The People’s Friend”, our Reader Panel helps us to discover what our readers think of the magazine’s advertising and editorial content.

Your opinions are invaluable in helping us to shape and plan future issues — and that’s why we’re looking for some new members!

If you join the Panel, we’ll ask you to complete some short online surveys about the magazine’s content. These should take no longer than ten minutes, and can be tackled from the comfort of your living room.

We’ll then gather all this information together, and use it to make sure we’re picking out the best articles, stories and puzzles for you, our audience.

Image by DC Thomson Ltd.

What’s more, panel members are automatically entered into a prize draw every time they complete a survey. Then, every month, three lucky winners will receive £50 each.

This is your chance to really get involved in shaping the future of the “Friend”. We want to continue to make the perfect magazine for you . . . and we need your help!

Click here to join our reader panel today.

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We’ll be asking questions about our Specials, too!