Meet Miriam

“Her first session was nothing short of a miracle.”

“Miriam has a hidden condition (hypermobility) and most people would not know just by looking at her how much she struggles with daily life,” Miriam’s mum explains. “Her teacher suggested she should come to RDA.

Miriam’s younger sister, Hazel, who has Down’s syndrome, already comes and so we knew how beneficial it was.

However, we were not prepared for the difference a weekly RDA session has made to Miriam.

“She is nervous of all animals and won’t normally go near them. So to see her stroking, patting and even planting a kiss on the nose of the pony she rode on her first session was nothing short of a miracle!

“It’s no exaggeration to say that riding with RDA has changed her life.

“It is a joy to see her confidence growing week by week and that has transferred to other aspects of her life, especially at school.”

Photograph courtesy of RDA

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