Be Fit For Life

A multi-ethnic group of senior adult women are taking a yoga class together at the gym. Fit for life.

It’s never too late to start exercising – even if you’ve never been remotely active before.

Studies show that over-sixties who take moderate exercise – including walking or dancing – are two-and-a-half times less likely to suffer serious long-term health problems.

Those who try vigorous physical activity at least once a week – such as jogging, aerobics or hill walking – are three-and-a-half times more likely to have a healthier old age.

One study found that even people who only started to exercise late in life were still likely to live longer than those who didn’t, and to live out their last years healthier than their counterparts who avoided exercise.

John Buckley, Professor of Applied Exercise Science at University Centre Shrewsbury recommends, “Find any activity, light or heavy, as long as it is achievable and enjoyable, then do it as frequently as possible.”

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Hannah McLaren

I've worked at DC Thomson for six years! I began as an intern at My Weekly and The Scots Magazine, which was extended by a few months to help out at The People's Friend. I then covered maternity as Celebrity Editor for My Weekly, before I became Multimedia Journalist at The Scots Magazine. Currently I'm writing digital content across each title.