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Julie Robinson, Fitness Advisor from, is here to help.

Q. I sometimes find it difficult to reach down and get socks or tights on. How can I improve my flexibility?

Gradually increase the flexibility in your back and shoulders by sitting in a chair at a dining-table. Place a duster under the palms of your hands and slowly slide it away from you, tighten your tummy muscles, then slowly draw the duster back towards you and sit upright again. Do five stretches three times a week.

It’s also important to stretch your hamstrings. Sit towards the front of an upright chair with one leg stretched out with your heel to the floor. Sit tall, place both hands on the bent knee to support your back and then lean forward from your hip until you feel a gentle stretch in your thigh at the back of the straight leg. Hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat on the other leg. Repeat three times a week.

If you have osteoporosis in your spine it’s best to avoid forward flexing, and remember to stop if you have any pain.

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