Strawberry Tea: Cake For A Good Cause

strawberry tea

It’s Strawberry Tea time again!

If you walked past our building last Friday morning, you would’ve seen one very long queue of hungry-looking people . . .

The Strawberry Tea has become a fixture of the company calendar. One summer Friday each year, we host this charity bakesale in aid of Breast Cancer Care. It all began when a former member of PF staff passed away from the disease over a decade ago.

Choices, Choices…

Bakers were bringing in cakes from 8.30 onwards and soon the tables were laden with sweet treats and a few savoury goodies. The queue was already well-formed by the official opening at 10!

Lemon drizzle, Madeira, flapjacks, pancakes, brownies – you name it, we had it. Not to the mention some fab raffle prizes, donated by local businesses and staff members.

What Would You Choose?

As the queue moves slowly through the options, the plates begin to mount up – with many folk taking home goodies for friends and family. Scones always go down a treat, and Fiction Ed Shirley’s wee white chocolate and pistachio tarts tasted as good as they looked! Knitting Editor Liz’s husband makes amazing tablet, and Liz’s Madeira cakes are an absolute winner for sponge fans.

As the post-cake slump hit us all in the early afternoon, Design Ed Jaclyn totalled up the money raised, including a generous top-up donation from the the company.

Jaclyn and the Design Team had been behind much of the organising, making an incredible job of the layout, the flyers and making the raffle prizes look great.

In the end, a staggering £1940 was raised for the charity. Well worth the effort! Digital Ed Iain pulled together a short video of the event for us, which you can watch below:

Here’s looking forward to next year’s Strawberry Tea! And if you’re having a cake sale for charity this year, send us your pics through the usual means! We’d love to hear from you…

Alex Corlett

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