Writer Of The Week: Solange Hando

Writer Of The Week

This week, our Writer Of The Week is travel writer Solange Hando.

What are your travel essentials – things that you’d be lost without?

Drinking water, camera, suncream and Coke (it’s the best remedy I know for an upset stomach ).

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Bhutan – where gross national happiness comes before gross national income. It’s highly traditional yet far ahead of the West in matters of conservation and care for the natural world. It’s also the only place where I ever shook hands with a king on his coronation day . . .

Nepal is a close second (after 14 visits and one more coming up).

What’s your most memorable meal from your travels?

A traditional feast in Vientiane consisting of 12 Lao dishes, including Mekong fish soup, purple sticky rice and fried morning glory.

Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet that you’re yearning to visit?

Probably Japan, having just watched 3000 images from my grandson’s recent trip. He’s absolutely determined to take me there so we’re both starting to save!

Would also love to visit Madagascar and sleep in a yurt in Mongolia, but that might have to wait.

What’s your favourite bit of Britain?

I like the pretty Kentish villages (where we live) but for a holiday, I would say Wales. I love walking in the Welsh hills (when the sun is shining), also I enjoy male voice choirs and Tom Jones. But of course I’m biased, my husband is from Gwent.

Solange’s first book, “Be A Travel Writer, Live Your Dreams, Sell Your Features”, will available to buy on Amazon from June 27, 2014.

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