Retrospective Enjoyment

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling through a wet and windy walk in our variable British weather, there’s a good chance you’ve uttered the phrase, “Well, I’m glad I did it, but . . .” Outdoors people walkers, dog walkers, cyclists invariably tend to be optimistic folk, but most of us have to admit that sometimes the great outdoors isn’t all it’s cracked it up to be. But even if it doesn’t always feel good to be out, it always feels good to get back home!

Last weekend I paid a visit to the Pentlands, the grassy lumps that roll south from Edinburgh towards the Southern Uplands. They’re a popular spot with people looking for a break from the city, and well worth a visit if you’re spending any time in the area.

There’s an enormous number of paths criss-crossing them, and they’re well-maintained. Anyone looking for a taste of true Scottish countryside without venturing into the depths of the Highlands will be able to enjoy it here, with Visitor Centres on either side of the hills to park at and to pick up a warm cuppa from at the end of your adventure.

I have to admit that as the feeling started to withdraw from my toes and fingers, I thought this was going to be one of those days only enjoyed afterwards. Maybe some time afterwards. I found myself looking forward to getting home, and thoughts of cottage pie started to fill my head.

But it’s funny how things can change in an instant. Once we’d conquered our second last hill of the day, we came across the view above and suddenly all was forgiven. We still had a little distance to go, but from then on I felt like we were flying along. And it’s moments like that which will guarantee the next time I’m havering about going out, I’ll strap the boots on whatever the weather and go see what happens . . .