The Millennium Walk

For early March, it couldn’t have been a finer day – brilliant sunshine, blue skies andhardly a breath of wind. Just the sort of day I’d happily exchange two summer days for.My walk today took me back to an old favourite, the Devon. There’s a great network ofwaymarked tracks around Crook of Devon and Muckhart and be it a half hour walk or a fullday hike – it’s easy to make yourself any number of circular combinations.Heading up the School Road past the mill and my old Primary School, I leave the village by atrack known as the “Stanriegate”. Keep an eye open as you go for any suspicious-lookingcharacters. This was one of the midnight meeting places of the Crook’s witches and, whoknows, maybe they missed a few during the famous witch trials of 1662.At the wee footbridge over the Devon there’s the option of a shorter return to the village ora longer trek to Rumbling Bridge and the Yetts of Muckhart.

It was far too nice a day to be cutting things short so Rumbling Bridge and the Gorge it was;returning to the Crook of Devon by the Millennium Walk that runs alongside the left bank ofthe river.

The sun may have been shining and the skies blue but the cold icy air and hard frostedground soon dispelled any notion that spring was just round the corner!