Which Way To Turn

I’m always happier when I can plan my day at least a day in advance. There’s nothing worse than waking on a nice day and, a bit like a headless chicken, not knowing which direction to go.

My study floor is therefore covered in little bundles of places – east, west; north, south; near and far, just ready to pick up depending on where’s the most promising forecast.

Today looked a perfect day to be aiming for Angus and with a wee walk from the village of Glamis among the “near east” bundle that would do me just nicely.

I remember being amused some time ago by a sign on a house in Glamis. It read 3rd September 1668. On this very spot, absolutely nothing happened. The sign has gone now, but in any event it probably wasn’t true for Glamis has a history that stretches away back to the 7th century and the days of St Fergus.

At the well below the kirk he is said to have baptised Strathmore’s earliest converts to Christianity.

Today’s walk begins down the long straight drive to Glamis Castle; childhood home to the Queen Mother.

My first stop though will be a few miles to the south of Glamis with a visit to a low but steep-sided hill that might have made an excellent site to have built the castle – but for one little obstacle – the fairies!

Look out for Willie’s visit to Glamis in our upcoming April 4 issue!