Inspiring Visit!

Having recently been lucky enough to visit Norway and travel on The Nordland Railway between Trondheim and Bod, I could fully understand why someone would be inspired by this scenic country.

On a visit to the historic port of Trondheim, I discovered that the art director and team from Disney had been equally inspired. In fact, they used some of the buildings in Trondheim to create the magical kingdom of Arendelle in the film phenomenon “Frozen”.

The Royal Residence Stiftsgrden in Trondheim, the largest wooden palace in Scandinavia is recognisable from the film and so is the majestic interior of Nidaros Cathedral. Nidaros Cathedral is built over the burial site of St Olav, the Norwegian Viking King who became patron saint of Norway. I wondered, was it just a coincidence that the comical snowman in “Frozen” is called Olaf?

There was something about the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, next to the cathedral, however, that reminded me of the setting of the film and the style of architecture of the buildings in it. Have a look at my photograph and see if you agree. Those of you with young children or grandchildren will see exactly what I mean!

Norway is a stunningly beautiful country and I think anyone would find it difficult not to be inspired. It was my first visit, but it’s definitely not going to be my last!


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