Stop Smoking Today!

Quit smoking word written with broken cigarette concept for quitting smoking

It’s a bad habit that many people have, but it’s something a bit more health damaging than, say, nail-biting. There are countless health risks linked with smoking. So it’s in your best interest to either cut back on smoking or cut it out of you life altogether.

If you’ve been meaning to quit for a while or haven’t really considered it before, let us motivate you with these six reasons to break the cycle.

  1. Think of the money you will save. Not just on cigarettes, but lighters, smokers’ toothpaste and extra on health insurance premiums.
  2. Exercise can help. The endorphins released by stretching or walking can offset nicotine cravings as well as putting you in a better mood.
  3. Change your drinking habits. If a cup of coffee means you would have a cigarette, swap it for a tall glass of iced sparkling water instead.
  4. Have a ruthless cigarette clear out. Go through handbags, coat pockets and kitchen drawers to throw out all ashtrays, cigarettes and lighters.
  5. Make an appointment to see your GP. People who quit with health professionals’ support and treatment are four times more likely to succeed.
  6. Avoid situations where your attempts to give up have failed in the past. Most smokers have about seven attempts before they finally quit

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Hannah McLaren

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