Gardening Aches And Pains?

Portrait of mid-adult woman proudly showing her plants. Aches and pains of gardening

It’s very easy to find yourself in a bit of pain after spending hours hunched over, pulling weeds from the garden. It’s not a nice side-effect to something as relaxing and rewarding as gardening. So here’s some tips on how to loosen your limbs after a bit of strenuous plant potting.

  1. Try a few simple warm up exercises before you begin. March on the spot and swing your arms at the same time until you start to feel warm.
  2. Avoid straining your back by getting down close to the work you are doing – use a kneeling mat or special knee pads. Or invest in raised flower-beds.
  3. When you’re digging, try to do it after a rain shower when the ground is softer. Take the strain with your legs, not your back.
  4. Staying in one position for too long puts a strain on your whole body. If you’re reaching to prune a bush, stop for a rest every few minutes and stretch.
  5. Don’t strain yourself trying to lift something that is too heavy. Get help rather than put your back out, and remember to lift from the knees.

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Hannah McLaren

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