Get Up, Get Out and Lift Your Mood

A shot of a young woman walking along a river in a majestic landscape. lift your mood

It’s very easy to fall into a bit of a downer. We all have our bad days and occasionally need a helping hand to turn things around. Here’s some tips on how to pick yourself up when your mood is low.

  1. If you feel persistently low over a number of weeks, speak to someone about it. Family and friends is a good place to start.
  2. Realise that not talking about a problem can make it worse and that “bottling things up” is bad for your overall health.
  3. Regular exercise can lift your mood. It also increases energy levels and helps to improve your appetite and sleep patterns.
  4. Get outdoors! Any activity, walking or gardening, that means you’re out in the fresh air and closer to nature is good for you.
  5. If self-help measures don’t change anything, make an appointment to see your GP, who will understand and be able to help.

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Hannah McLaren

I've worked at DC Thomson for six years! I began as an intern at My Weekly and The Scots Magazine, which was extended by a few months to help out at The People's Friend. I then covered maternity as Celebrity Editor for My Weekly, before I became Multimedia Journalist at The Scots Magazine. Currently I'm writing digital content across each title.