The September Garden Checklist – Tip 4

september garden checklist

John september garden tip 4As September draws near, John Stoa takes a look at the jobs needing done in the garden in next month. Have a read and prepare your plants for the colder weather.


Here’s the forth thing to do on you list:


In the vegetable garden


  • Courgettes are plentiful and pumpkins will be swelling up. Keep watering and feeding, but harvest the courgettes regularly. I usually leave my pumpkins in the ground till Hallowe’en.
  • Harvest sweetcorn now. They should be cleaned up, leaves and husks removed and then sorted out for eating or freezing all on the same day.
  • Onions lifted last month should have dried off and will be ready for cleaning and roping or putting into onion bags, ready to be stored in a cool but airy place.

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Hannah McLaren