Story Starter: Apple

Alan's apple

A lovely crisp apple cut into wedges. Alan gave me the apple this afternoon, which was lucky because I’d forgotten to bring mine today. What’s funny is that he gave it to me rather than incur the wrath of Sarah, our illustrations editor, by putting it in the bin because he didn’t want it. He did that once before and she gave him a right telling off for being so wasteful.

I’m eating it as I type, and I can say that binning it would have been a real shame because it’s delicious: crisp, juicy, perfect. Your loss, Alan…

Anyway, I was casting around or a Story Starter image today, and Sarah suggested my apple. I’d already cut it up, but here you are.

That tray it’s sitting on might spark something, too. I keep it here for fruit, biscuits, pieces of cake….but it’s decorated with guid Scots words. Blootered. Crabbit. Chuffed. Stoater. (I’d better put a wee translation note at the end of this!)

I’m fascinated to see what you make of any of it.

Do you know, when I started these Story Starter posts, I intended to do maybe one a month just for a bit, just as an experiment, but I know from writers’ letters that they’re proving both popular and, more importantly, useful. So that’s good. I’ll keep on going with them.

It certainly adds something new to my daily walk, as I keep my eyes peeled for anything of note or interest, anything quirky or strange. And as you know from last week’s, it’s also encouraged me to browse back through my old photos, which has been really enjoyable – if slightly worrying to see how much Mr B and I have changed!

PS The translations: blootered = well under the influence; crabbit= grouchy; chuffed – well pleased, proud; stoater = smasher; numpty = a fool; dreich = miserable (weather, as in a dreich day = gloomy and damp); scunner = a nuisance, and one can also be scunnered if you’re fed up with something.

Shirley Blair

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