The Archive Guys: In the Beginning.

Dc Thomson archives

The DC Thomson Archives are a place of interest and wonder and no visit is brief.

In a stroke of luck, we’ve somehow persuaded the DC Thomson “Archive Guys”, David and Barry, to blog about their amazing job.  The archives hold such valuable pieces of history. Working within its walls must be the best job in the world!

Preparing for the 150th Birthday

“As you know, our dear “Friend” has been running for almost 150 years, and is by no means the oldest publication of DC Thomson. The history contained within the archive walls have a world-wide relevance.

The formal process of cataloguing “The People’s Friend” collection has begun.  Finally!

For the uninitiated, cataloguing is a core tenet of archives.  It provides greater intellectual control of our collection, helps us better identify preservation or conservation requirements and helps safeguard against misappropriation or loss.  It’s also something that requires a LOT of consideration before starting, which is why this is our first major cataloguing task.”

One of the longest running publications

“As well as being one of our longest running publications “The People’s Friend” was chosen because of the wide range of off-shoots, cover-mounts and merchandise which have accumulated over the past 149 years.

Also, given how much the collection is being used in anticipation of the 150th anniversary celebrations, the collation and cataloguing of this valuable piece of publishing history is very timely.

We’ll be featuring some of the more interesting and unusual aspects of the collection over the next few months.”



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