The Archive Guys: On Pain of Death


The famous “Archive Guys” bring us another peek into their brilliant work.

One of the ‘problems’ we’ve encountered with “The People’s Friend” archive material, is that it hasn’t all been held in one place. That said, given the age and size of the collection, and the fact that the magazine has ‘moved house’ several times, it probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise that we’ve discovered (or in this case rediscovered) several caches throughout the building.

Today though, we think (or rather hope!) we’ve now found the last of these:

All that glitters is gold!

Although perhaps ‘caches’ isn’t quite the right word, as these are invariably troves of some fantastic and diverse material; annuals, business records, correspondence, calendars, artwork and in this case (almost literally) gold!

On the subject of correcting word choice I should also add that finding this material isn’t really a problem. Or if it is, then it’s a nice problem to have! “The People’s Friend” has one of the most complete collections of any of our titles- something which we’d often wondered about until we spotted this fine example of someone protecting their heritage:

If only more of our editorial staff had taken this approach!

Anyway, we’ve been quite excited by what we’ve seen so far, and I look forward to sharing more of the treasures uncovered in this particular trove over the coming weeks.

Guest Contributor