Recipe for Homemade Bread

make your own bread recipe

With the UK Snow putting the country on standstill and depleting the bread supplies, it’s time to make your own!

A wrapped up walk to any grocery store will prove two things, yes it is cold out there, and the shops have run out of bread!  Perhaps it’s time to make your own bread?

If you have these basic ingredients in your store cupboard, Jamie Oliver comes to the rescue with this easy to follow video on making bread.


Angela has an extra handy tip too, in case you only have plain flour in your cupboard, but need self raising.

“Here’s a clever little baking tip for you which could come in especially handy at the moment with all the bad weather preventing us going out! If your recipe calls for self-raising flour and you’ve run out, you can make your own with plain flour and baking powder. Just mix three levels teaspoons of baking powder into 8 ounces of plain flour and, as if by magic, your baking will be feather light and beautifully risen!”

Bread would be nice to go with Angela’s secret recipe for Lentil soup, coming up soon!

If you don’t have any yeast, perhaps try this recipe for Soda Bread 


Photo credit: Casey Raye

Karlie Simmonds

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