Top 20 Spring Cleaning Tips From You

As the Spring Equinox rolled it’s sunny rays across the country, we started to Spring clean at The People’s Friend office.

We found lots of lovely fiction books sitting idle and decided it would be great to have a book Spring clean! So we posted an advert on our Facebook and Twitter pages asking our dear readers for their top tips in exchange for a book.

Our Facebook page soon became full of helpful hints and tips, and our book pile started decreasing! Our fiction team got to work in putting lovely messages inside the books so every participant had a personal hello!

We love the tips that poured in, lots of eco friendly tips, proving our readers are leading the way in minimising household waste!

Top Tips from the “Friend” Community


Put 4 tablespoons of baking soda into a liter of water. Pour the mixture into spray bottle. Great for cleaning cupboards, appliences and inside your fridge.  – Charlotte Mcfall


I use olive oil and lemon for polishing all wood. Rub it in and buff it up. Shine lasts a long time. – Amy Murray


The great favorite vinegar and water plus newspaper to get your windows all sparkly for spring. once snow has finished we will be doing ours. – Josie Hunt


I use the ends of Lemons on all metal work surfaces and sometimes to clean spilt tea on the work tops. Works a dream. – Anne Landser


Use an old toothbrush along with water and cleanser to get into nooks and crannies or cleaning windows frames. And to clean grouting. – Catherine Salt


I use a long handled soft brush to dust in hard to reach places, great for removing cobwebs as well – keeps spiders at arms length! – Tina Boyd


Vinegar, lemon juice and water, cleans without buying harmful stuff in bottles. – Vera Bish


Old socks on hands for dusting. Gets into all the nooks. Not that I dust (my husband will tell you). – Cheryl Binmore


Use a small amount of toothpaste on a clothe to remove those stubborn stains on wooden tables. – Niddy Reece


Use a microfibre cloth to dust. Picks up the dust without spreading it all over the place. – Julie Day


Just put everything in a bin liner and chuck it away… haha! – Jan Thorpe


Not cleaning as such, but for freshness, when you have squeezed your lemons and oranges, seep the peel in boiling water overnight then strain and fill up your spray air fresher bottles- delightful fresh aroma for the air, dusting, or using in small ovens for cleaning- or even a microwave -a and totally free – Hady Hyde


One room at a time – Bridget Daley


As you empty and sort cupboards and drawers, create an inventory of what’s in each one; this will ensure you never have to spend hours searching for things again! Listing items in this way also helps you to realise what you no longer need/want, so get rid of those things as you go. – Vanessa Jane Chapman


Get rid of grease and dirt in your microwave with a solution of water and vinegar. Heat for 10 minutes in the microwave to steam the dirt off, then just wipe away with a cloth. Much better than scrubbing away at it for hours! – Celia Jenkins


Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda is the best and cheapest all round cleaner I know and it doesn’t harm the environment. – Jacqueline Barclay


If you put stuff in loft mark boxes and write what’s in them – Sharron Gail


To clean drains pour in some baking soda powder, then pour in some white vinegar. Don’t breath in the fumes. – Sandra de Trafford


We think these Friends were joking!


Don’t! – Iris Collier 


Get someone else to do it. – Linda Gruchy


And last but not least

If you clean each week during the year, there is no need for a Spring Clean as such. – Chris Watson


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Karlie Simmonds

Karlie has worked in Digital Media for over 10 years, she is passionate about health and wellbeing and lives in Edinburgh with her partner, children, and Pug, Poppy.