How to Have a Healthy Easter!

easter advice

Having a healthy Easter is easy when you follow this nutritionist-approved advice!

While Easter may not have the same over-indulgent nature of Christmas, there’s lots of chocolate Easter Eggs to be devoured on first site! Oh no, is that just me? I guess it’s no secret that we love sweet treats here at The People’s Friend.

Nutritional expert Cassandra Burns advises us on better swaps to save our health over the Easter weekend. Make a beeline for your local health food shop to stock up on alternatives.

 Switch up your chocolate treat

To skip some calories this Easter switch a standard, calorific chocolate egg for a delicious Ombar Coco Mylk RRP £1.99 from Wholefoods instead, it is made from natural coconut sugars. Ombar is made from Ecuadorian Raw Cacao, which contains several active substances that can have a positive effect on our mood, including zinc, magnesium, and Phenylethylamine. Raw cacao is also an essential component in helping our body with the production of energy, so could give you the gentle boost you need for that afternoon Easter egg hunt.

easter advice

Drink plenty of water

“Drink at least one and a half litres of water every day, especially during the Easter break, to support healthy detoxification. Try to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink too: it can slow down your drinking and help prevent overeating. And your body will definitely thank you for it the following day!” explains Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor Cassandra Barns.

Eat more veggies!

“Have a lighter Easter dinner by filling at least half your plate with vegetables before adding anything else. And no, this doesn’t include roast potatoes! Green vegetables are excellent as they are low in calories and high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals,” explains Cassandra.

Have an egg-cellent Easter outdoors

Instead of having a small Easter egg hunt in your front room, why not try taking the hunt outside? If you have a big enough garden, hide eggs and healthier treats throughout it so all the family can enjoy some fresh air and up their daily step count. If you don’t have a garden many areas hold Easter events you can take your families too.


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