Story Starter: Cruise Liner

Isn’t this cruise liner massive? And it’s huge in potential story ideas, too, if you let your mind wander enough. Maybe even a whole serial…

Think of all the passengers. All those different types of people. Couples. Singles. Groups. Nationalities. Strangers.

The crew…The captain’s table. The wardrobe you’d need. The wardrobe you don’t have…

Ooh, the entertainment! The entertainers. Theatrical drama in all its senses.

I’ve never been on one but I imagine the kind of cabaret and stage shows that you don’t get in beachside resorts any more. And I apologise if I’m horribly behind the times in my thinking!

Can’t you visualise the ports of call along the way. You could tick off a whole top ten of dream destinations in one luxurious circuit of the Mediterranean.

Stormy Seas

Changing direction, think of the potential for storms on a Caribbean cruise – both meteorological and emotional…Stormy seas and hidden depths.

Do you think cruises are a bit Marmite? Something you either love or hate. What if one half of a couple is dead keen and the other half just isn’t? Or one quarter of a quartet of friends.

Of course, cruises don’t only take place on giants of the sea like this. There are smaller ships taking excited passengers to see the Norwegian fjords or the Northern Lights. Whale watching. The ports of the Baltic. Or even simply round the coast of Britain.

The Rhine with all its riverside castles. Cross-Channel ferries. They’re a different kind of experience, aren’t they? A means to getting somewhere rather than the pleasure being in the journey itself. And that has to be a metaphor for aspects of life…

These are just some of the thoughts that floated through my head when I found this picture in my files. I hope it works for you, too.

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Shirley Blair

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