Kirsty Always Takes the Weather With Her!

Brighton they said….sunshine I thought!


I popped down to Brighton last week (quite a trek from Dundee, I’ll have you know!) for our annual sales conference.

As I stepped out the house on Tuesday morning and had to scrape the car windscreen, I suddenly doubted my clothing choice (I  had dressed for my destination!).

I thought that Brighton would be amazingly sunny and warm but alas not all the time. Luckily, though, Georgia and I got to catch some rays on Tuesday evening.  We had a lovely drink down by the beach, albeit with our jackets on and still feeling slightly chilly, but we felt we had to! We also had a look around the gorgeous pier and had dinner on the pier after enjoying the amazing sunset (beautifully captured in the reflection of Georgia’s sunglasses!).

brighton georgia

The sales conference was great – lots of ideas sharing about the year ahead, with a particular focus on our plans for The People’s Friend’s 150th birthday as well as our next Warner’s holiday (read all about that here ). 

Thankfully the weather was only bad whilst we were in the conference on Wednesday and the sun came out by the time we finished. It gave us a chance to wander through Brighton admiring the amazing buildings and views on our way to dinner.

brighton drinks

The journey back to Dundee on Friday was lovely, too, with the sun shining outside the train windows.

Just one more of the highlights of my job; I’m off to Hemel Hempstead later this week to visit the Warner’s team HQ.

Find out about the exciting new Weekend away with The People’s Friend and Warner here 

Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty heads up the marketing for all of the DCT Media magazines. Kirsty has the very exciting job of telling the right audiences about the magazine wherever they may be and on whichever channels they interact with. It is fair to say it keeps her busy, but not always out of trouble! Kirsty loves getting out in the fresh air, exploring Scotland as well as other parts of the world and speaks fluent Spanish.