Money Saving Winter Tips

dry in no time

Learn how to dry your laundry quicker

As the weather gets cooler, learn how to dry your clothes without having to shell out for a tumble dryer.

Top tips include washing and hanging your clothes overnight, using an airer in a warm or sunny spot and placing some items on hangers

Others require more creativity, like hanging a ladder from the ceiling to peg clothes on to or building your own indoor line.

Darren Williams from Promotional Codes said: “Getting the washing dry in the unpredictable British weather is never easy, less so when we get to autumn and winter with less daylight hours and sunshine.“That’s why we’ve pulled together the best hacks. Most cost nothing – it’s all about hanging your items strategically around the home and making sure you don’t overload your living space with damp clothes.

“There are other things to bear in mind too – wet clothes can lead to problems with damp and mould, which is why putting them straight on the radiator is a big no.

“It may also be worth investing in a dehumidifier if you are drying your clothes indoors to take the dampness out of the room.”

Here are tips for getting your washing dry:

Using a clothes airer

If you’re putting your clothes on the airer to dry, put the small items at the bottom and larger at the top. Take your time, making sure there’s room for air to flow around them. Remember to rotate the items so everything has a chance to dry.

Open a window

Even on the chilliest of days, open a window and let the fresh air in. It will increase the airflow around your home drying the washing faster.

Hang clothes

If you’ve washed lots of dresses or shirts, place them on hangers rather than putting them over an airer. They’ll dry quicker and there will be fewer creases, making them easier to iron.

Wash and hang overnight

Get into the habit of doing your washing in the evening and hanging overnight. That means fewer hours when you’ll have to put up with laundry hanging around your home.

Don’t blast up the heating

Putting your clothes on a hot radiator weakens the fibres and can cause some damage. It also increases the humidity in the room which can lead to problems with damp and mould.


Do place your airer near a source of heat. Put by a radiator, the boiler or a south facing room with lots of sunshine.

Use a ladder

If you have the room and are looking for a quirky way to dry your washing indoors, hang a ladder from the ceiling and peg your clothes straight to it.

Blast with a hairdryer

If you’re in a rush and your pockets or sleeves aren’t quite dry, blast them with a hairdryer. You don’t need a high setting – it’s about air flow rather than heat.

Use the stair rail

If you have stairs, try hanging larger items over them to dry.

Install an indoor line

You can invest in a retractable line to put up indoors or in your garage. For a cheaper option, try stringing up a line yourself.


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