Willie’s View: Camping On Rothesay


I forgot to take the legs for my camp bed the last time I camped at Rothesay.

I wasn’t making that mistake again!

After a pleasant, relatively traffic-free drive, I crossed to the Isle Of Bute on the 6 a.m. ferry from Colintraive to Rhubodach this morning. I’d been waiting for a settled forecast in the west to cross for a few days. I wanted to tackle a bit of the 30-mile long “West Island Way” from Kilchattan Bay.

That was tomorrow’s plan. Today, though, I was quite happy to spend exploring Rothesay itself. I started with a look round the harbour and castle. Then I walked up the twisting “Serpentine”, and on up to the top of Canada Hill.

What a grand view you gain from up there. Looking over the Firth of Clyde across the Cumraes, you can see the distant shores of Ayrshire, and west to Arran.

Apparently, this wee hill is so named as it was from here folks waved their final farewell to relatives and friends setting sail aboard the emigrant ships bound for North America.




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Willie Shand