Are Traditional Desserts Dying Out?

traditional desserts

A fridge-full of traditional desserts are in danger of dying out, according to new research.

Love Fresh Cherries asked 2,000 adults in the UK about their favourite sweet treats, with some seriously surprising results!

Despite its famous presence in the Christmas carol, a staggering 56% of Millennials have never tried figgy pudding.

More than a third (36%) have never enjoyed spotted dick or pineapple upside down cake, while 21% have never eaten banoffee pie or Eton mess.

Why are young people deserting dessert?

Well, it could be that they are more health conscious than their elders. Four in 10 of those surveyed stated they felt guilty for eating a sweet treat, and many opt for fruit instead.

“It seems millennials are becoming more health conscious,” Matt Hancock, a spokesperson for Love Fresh Cherries, said. “They’re only having treats, including dessert, in moderation, or looking for healthier options.

“Fruit, including cherries, make the perfect, affordable healthy dessert and could explain why younger adults are opting for that over traditional sweet desserts.”

The full survey results are:

traditional desserts

Image by Iain McDonald.

Do you still eat traditional desserts? Which is your favourite?

We have some great “old” dessert ideas over on our Cookery pages, including Russian gingerbread from 1916 and a rich Christmas Cake from 1914.


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