Willie’s View: First Impressions

willies view

This is a Willie’s View with a difference . . .

I’m sure we’ve all been told it’s pretty important to hold the camera steady when taking a photograph.

We don’t want blurred images, after all. Or do we?

Well, this morning that’s exactly what I was after.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to join a photographic weekend with Ted Leeming down in Galloway. For the whole weekend we took nothing but blurred images — and to great effect.

By using a slow, hand-held shutter speed of around 2.5 seconds and introducing deliberate movement while releasing the shutter, the results were amazing.

Although these pictures may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I often find myself experimenting with the techniques I learned from Ted.

This morning, with overnight snow still clinging to the trees above the River Devon, I just couldn’t resists escaping in body and mind for a few hours into the realms of impressionism.

  • Photograph by Willie Shand.
  • Photograph by Willie Shand.



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Willie Shand