Uplifting Poetry From Our Archive


Everyone in the “Friend” Team is really delighted to be welcoming Abbie Phillips as our new Poetry Editor.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has submitted poetry since I joined the team at the start of 2018.

It’s been a privilege to be your Editor, and I’m happy to be handing over to someone who’s really enthusiastic about all kinds of poetry.

Read Abbie’s post on the haiku here.

As we move through these uncertain times, poetry — like the “Friend” — can be a great comfort and consolation.

Here are some poems from our Archive, to cheer you in the days and weeks ahead.

Trust (1945)

So often anxious cares and fears

Have laid my spirit low,

I grope my way along life’s road

When threatening storm winds blow.

The sky is clouded, mists obscure

Familiar things around…

And then I raise my eyes above,

While hope again is found

In one bright star which gleams with light,

To bid my soul be strong,

And live for others as I go,

Altho’ the way be long.

No longer then I doubtful move,

But forward up the hill,

A smile upon my lips, I know

That God is with me still.

– Edith A. Vassie


A Ray Of Sunshine (1918)

Have a ray of sunshine

Always in your heart,

That to those around you

Cheer you may impart.

You are passing many

On life’s gloomy way

Who are sighing, longing,

For a cheering ray.


Have a ray of sunshine,

Send it wide and far

Through life’s dreary lowlands

Where the cheerless are.

It may be that some one

Wandering through the gloom

Might behold your sunray

And be guided home.

– Anon.


Wives And Daughters – Helpers’ Motto (1904)

“When things in the world about you

Seem some way going wrong,

And clouds shut out life’s sunshine,

Then sing some cheerful song.

Some blithesome and happy measure

Will lighten life of care,

And give us strength for the burdens

That all of us have to bear.”

– Anon

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