Enjoying Summer In The Garden


July — traditionally one of the hottest months of the year — is almost upon us. Which can be good news for relaxing in the garden!

But for those of us who always like to have a project on the go, there are still plenty of jobs that will keep us busy!

Here’s our handy guide to making the most of your summer garden.

Deadhead summer bedding

Early flowering bedding plants may now be looking a bit past their prime.

However, it’s still possible to encourage late summering flowers to help prolong your summer display. Remember to cut back perennial plants and remove blooms as they fade to promote fresh growth, and to keep borders looking tidy.

After deadheading and pruning, give your plants a boost by feeding and watering them.

Regularly hydrating baskets and containers is very important, as they can easily dry out in the hot summer sun.

Hydrangea Diamant Rouge

Protect your precious plants

Damp weather may encourage some unwanted guests into your garden.

Slugs and snails can be disastrous to plants and crops as they thrive in moist and humid conditions. There are many organic methods of slug repellent to help prevent these pests, such as placing eggshells or copper pennies into the soil.

Seek advice on organic deterrents from your local garden centre.

If you have a greenhouse, check on your plants daily for any signs of pests.

Watch out for red spider mites, which weaken and cause a dappled pattern on the foliage of plants. Regularly spraying can help reduce the risk, but a biological control might be required in some cases.

It’s important to ventilate the air in your greenhouse so do try to ensure you open windows and doors during the day. 

Keep on weeding!

Weeds can be a real problem at this time of year with the frequently changeable weather. Weed regularly to prevent any unwanted plants from taking over your garden.

A little bit of work here and there is easier and worth it in the long run to keep your garden looking its best. 



Clean ponds and water features

Water features and ponds may need extra care at this time of year.

Keep an eye out for any build-ups of pond weed, which you can remove with a rake or net, and clean any pumps or filters to reduce algae growth.

Remove any yellowing or dead leaves on any water plants and deadhead to control growth.

Make sure to leave any weeds by the pond for at least a day to let any wildlife escape. Also, keep water levels of any bird baths and ponds topped up in hot weather.

July is a great time for installing a water feature into your garden, if you don’t already have one.

There are many different options that can add character and splendour to suit your garden. Water features can also help to improve the quality of air and benefit the environment in the long hot summer months.

Ideas for planting now

Why not get ahead of the game and start sowing some spring-flowering perennials like Lupins and Delphiniums in plant trays in the greenhouse? 

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Iain McDonald

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