A Little Summer Holiday Nostalgia

summer holiday

It’s interesting that this year looks set to be the year of the “staycation”, with thousands of Brits spending their summer holiday within the country rather than heading abroad.

Of course, this was how holidays used to be.

Just take a look at the picture above to see how many would flock to Blackpool beach in its heyday! No wonder the town boasts an average of 64 B&Bs per square mile!

Summer hols are just beginning — do you remember what that felt like as a child?

A true British tradition

The days were endless, bathed in golden sunshine and packed with beach visits or picking your own strawberries at the nearest farm.

Running free in your neighbourhood or out in the country. With no routine, it was sometimes easy to forget what day it was!

These photos encapsulate a little bit of what the summer holiday has meant for Brits for generations.

summer holiday

Photograph by John Sherbourne/Daily Mail/Shutterstock.

Donkey rides on the beach at Scarborough. Did you ever do this?

Almost every beach in the U.K. had donkeys available to entertain tourists.

summer holiday

Photograph by Underwood Archives/Shutterstock.

This photo might be from 1925, but the tradition of burying at least one member of your family in sand has never gone away!

That’s one way of controlling over-excited children . . .

summer holiday

Photograph by Daily Mail/Shutterstock.

This pier at Southend shows again the popularity of the British seaside for tourists in pre-war Britain.

Cheap flights and package deals would change all this in the later part of the 20th century.

summer holiday

Photograph by Underwood Archives/Shutterstock.

For a few living further inland, caravan hols were the way to go, though spending time in such close quarters with family could lead to a few sibling squabbles!

Photograph by Hana Jakrlova/Shutterstock.

It didn’t matter how hot the day was, those outdoor showers at the beach or the lido were always ice cold! Ouch!

Photograph by ANL/Shutterstock.

And in true British tradition, the weather could never stop us enjoying a day at the beach.

Just look at this family huddling under their hoods, while an excited child puts their bucket and spade to good use.

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