Willie’s View: A Walk In Glen Tilt

willie's view

In this week’s Willie’s View, our travel writer is off out to take advantage of the good weather, in the spectacular Glen Tilt.

With a good forecast for the afternoon, I thought I’d take myself for a walk in Glen Tilt.

It’s a real gem of a glen especially if, like me, you like to escape the intrusions of the modern world.

willies view

Photography by Willie Shand.

From Bridge of Tilt and Old Blair, the easy-to-follow track sets off into the quiet of the hills.

Thankfully the red flags of the Jubilee Rifle Range weren’t flying, so it was safe to pass it and head deeper into the glen.

If you feel like a ten mile round trip, you can go all the way to Forest Lodge. Indeed, a Right of Way goes all the way to Deeside.

On a fine day it’s difficult not to be tempted to go just that other mile, and then another, until suddenly you realise the car’s a long way away!

willies view

Photograph by Willie Shand.

With a bit more time, one day I wouldn’t mind going in search of Lonavey’s Cave.

Many have searched for the notorious poacher’s cave, but few have ever discovered it.

Today, though, I was only going as far as Gilbert’s Bridge, returning by forest track and the Falls of Fender.

Not that the falls were easy to see with all the summer foliage on the trees.

willies view

Photograph by Willie Shand.

On the opposite side of the glen rises Meall Dail Min.

The last time I crossed its summit from Lude was the day I found two sets of antlers — a six and a seven pointer.

Fine souvenirs for the hearth.



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