Spending A Week In Glencoe

Last week, I swapped my view of the computer desk for the sweeping views of Glencoe.

Anyone who has driven there will know the wonder of the changing landscape as the mountains come into view and eventually surround you.

On the day we arrived it was cold and cloudy, but the magic of that place is that even in dull weather, it’s still awe-inspiring.

The mist and clouds make it so that the view is ever-changing.

The mountains come in and out of focus as you watch.

Photograph by Abbie Phillips.

We settled in on the first day and enjoyed short walks around the hotel. On the second day we ventured out to do a short hill walk.

It was forecasted rain so we took our waterproofs with us . . . only to be caught out anyway! We returned in soggy jeans.

I’m more capable than I give myself credit for

After breaking ourselves in gently, it was time to get serious.

I’ve never climbed a Munro before. When my boyfriend suggested it, I nodded and agreed without really thinking about it.

Then we arrived at the foot. I couldn’t climb that! What was I thinking!? But off we went.

The steps made of stone that led to the top were definitely not built for my short legs!

And my mind couldn’t comprehend how high up we were. And without a handrail!

But getting (almost) to the top made me realise I’m more capable than I give myself credit for.

Photograph by Abbie Phillips.

Getting into the hotel pool that night eased our sore legs.

The hotel had it set up so that you had to book into a time slot to ensure social distancing. It was great to have a private pool and hot tub for 45 minutes!

Encouraged, we hired bikes the next day.

It had been over a decade since I’d cycled, but I couldn’t wait to get going.

We followed a cycle path around the loch and along the route to Oban.

In the end we were cycling for just over four hours.

Again, I was surprised at how far we managed to get despite the hilly bits.

I really need to start believing in what I can do when I put my mind to it!

Photograph by Abbie Phillips.

On Friday, we had a late breakfast and headed back home.

It took us along a different route, and we passed some amazing places only an hour or less from our house.

We were astonished that we’d never seen them before, and resolved to explore them on our free weekends.

Now, I can’t wait for the next adventure!

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Abigail Phillips

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