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In this week’s episode of “Reading Between The Lines”, our story podcast in association with the Oddfellows, the team take a look at a story written in 1905 by Agnes Grozier Herbertson.

“The Story Of A Masterpiece: An Artist’s Romance” is darker in tone than we would allow in the “Friend” today. That’s why it was such a surprise when David from our Archives revealed the author was most famous for writing fairy tales.

Here’s the profile of Ms Herbertson David mentions in the episode. It was first published in DC Thomson’s “The Evening Telegraph” in 1906.

It’s a fascinating insight into a popular writer of the early 1900s. She was obviously held in high regard!

That didn’t make the story any easier a read for the podcast panel, though!

reading between the lines

Photograph courtesy of DC Thomson Ltd.

Agnes G. Herbertson

One of the most talented writers for the “People’s Friend” is Miss Agnes Grozier Herbertson, whose enchanting fairy stories have won her the hearts of all young readers.

Nay, it may be suspected that older folk as well delight in her writing. For what reader of any age does not love a good fairy tale?

The children, at any rate, will clap their hands on learning that next week Miss Herbertson will begin the “Friend” another series of fairy tales.

Though of Scottish parentage, Miss Herbertson was born at Christiana, Norway. Her childhood, however, was spent in Glasgow, after which she removed to Oxford, where she benefited much by the influences of the great academic city.

When she wrote her first series of fairy tales for the “People’s Friend” in 1895, Miss Herbertson was barely out of her teens, so that, like Miss Reid, she must be added to the number of those who have achieved literary success at an early age.

Her new tales are quaint and beautiful, and full of the fanciful disregard of time and space which makes up the charm of fairyland.

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