Willie’s View: The Joy of Winter

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In this week’s Willie’s View, our travel writer Willie Shand finds joy in walking through winter.

Winter days can sometimes be far from inviting when it comes to thinking about going out for a walk.

This morning, though, wasn’t one of them. It was certainly cold; around -10°C, but with every bush, every fence wire and blade of grass laced in frost, somehow the temperature didn’t really matter.

As I’ve learned from skiing, a damp raw day of +1°C can feel so much cooler than a “dry cold” day at -20°C.

This was one of these days for paying attention to all the wee things we normally pass without a second glance. Unfortunately, their moment in the limelight can be short-lived but then that’s what makes them all the more special.

The more you look, the more you see. Such is the joy of winter.

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Willie Shand